Pencil Mate cont

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Each Pencil Mate comes with a 5cm square of extremely thin, flexible lightweight tape that magnets will attach to. You can easily cut it to whatever size you want using ordinary scissors. At just 0.4mm thick, this tape is ultra discreet and doesn’t add any noticeable weight to your glasses.

Just snip off a strip of the ferrous tape

Just snip off a strip of the ferrous tape

Your spectacles, safety glasses or sunglasses are completely unencumbered and you can cut different sized strips to use on whatever pairs of glasses you want to use, or onto any non-ferrous surface where you might want to keep a pencil handy!

Pencil Mate keeps your pencil wherever you need it

Imagine what a difference it could make to your creativity and productivity if you never had to search for a pencil ever again!

Wearing glasses doesn’t have to mean losing your pencil!

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